🥇Golden Ticket

Rules behind the Golden Ticket

The Golden Ticket Raffle is for the Community Member of the Month. Each month, a Golden Ticket will be airdropped to the individual who has best shown their desire to push our project and gain new members each week.

One Golden Ticket will be chosen via raffle. This winning ticket will grant access to a 1/1 Custom NFT that will be inscribed with the winner's signature...FOREVER.

The value of the Golden Tickets are determined by the winners if they choose to list them. However, if the NFT is traded multiple times, the odds of having your Golden Ticket picked as the winner drop off on a scale of 2:1 for every Ticket traded, enhancing the other values by 2:1. This greatly decreases your odds of obtaining the 1/1. The total amount of 1/1 NFTs will be limited to 5.

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